Candace Owens on Instagram: The Grammy Performance was Degenerate

By Candace Owens Cardi B Round 2! The Grammy performance was degenerate. Also, she’s about to get sued for lying…

A Horrified Grandma has Captured an Image of “A Demon” Standing over her Grandchild’s Bed

By Sky News Australia A horrified grandma has captured an image of “a demon” standing over her grandchild’s bed after…


By Sacha Stone 

February 2021 was coldest for US in more than 30 years

By JOSEPH CHOI The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said Monday that this year saw the coldest February the…

Funding a Sexual Revolution: The Kinsey Reports

By Rachel Wimpee It has been over seventy years since Alfred Kinsey published research findings asserting that people do not…

Snack attack! Fishermen watch in shock as a hungry crocodile steals a shark they had just caught

By SAHAR MOURAD FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA Geoff Trutwein and Nat Barnes were out fishing 80km west of Wyndham, WA…

Secrets of Richard Branson’s Necker Island where sushi’s served on ‘hot girls’ tums’ & stars saved gran in horror blaze

By Alison Maloney AT the tender age of 28, Richard Branson had made enough money to buy his own private…


By Rebel Watchman There have been many physical and spiritual setbacks in the making of this video. This video has…

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Donate Now to Help Take Back Our World

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