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Tim Zook (60-Years-Old): The X-ray Technologist Who Died Four Days After his Second BS 19 Shot

Tim Zook (60-Years-Old): The X-ray Technologist Who Died Four Days After his Second BS 19 Shot

By Staff Reporter

The X-ray technologist who died four days after his second COVID-19 shot was felled by heart disease, the Orange County Coroner has concluded.

Tim Zook, 60, worked at South Coast Global Medical Center in Santa Ana and proudly displayed the Band-Aid after his last Pfizer jab on Jan. 5. He began to feel ill a few hours later and died on Jan. 9. His death was seized upon by vaccine opponents who believe, against evidence, that the shots are dangerous.

The long-awaited autopsy report, released Wednesday, July 14, found that Zook’s heart was severely enlarged, thicker than normal, and dilated. “There is a focus of severe coronary artery disease,” it said, and his heart valves showed mild to moderate calcium deposits.

The official cause of death was “hypertensive and atherosclerotic heart disease with severe cardiomegaly and heart failure,” the report says. There is no mention, anywhere, of vaccination playing a role.

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