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Video Claims To Show Evidence the Earth Is Flat Not Curved From Richard Branson’s Space Flight? Share Your Thoughts? Why Did So Many Ancient Societies Believe the Earth Is Flat Yet Our Society Believe It’s Not?

Video Claims To Show Evidence the Earth Is Flat Not Curved From Richard Branson’s Space Flight? Share Your Thoughts? Why Did So Many Ancient Societies Believe the Earth Is Flat Yet Our Society Believe It’s Not?

By Eric Dubay


Space fantasy fan-boys and fan-girls have just received their latest damage-control propaganda update from actor Richard Branson where he claims to have gone to space and filmed the spinning-ball Earth for us (but really he just did some parabolic maneuvers simulating free-fall while in a fancy plane)! Unfortunately for old Dick and his riders, rather than use a normal lens to film the Earth, like all honest amateurs do when sending up their high altitude balloons, these space virgins, just like NASA, Space X, the Red Bull dive and all other so-called “official” sources, always suspiciously choose to use a fish-eye lens causing the horizon to constantly and radically warp from convex, to flat, to concave. As the camera tilts relative to the horizon the ends warp up or down respectively, but when held still and level the horizon is flat. As the normal back camera shows, the horizon actually remains perfectly flat and rises to the eye-level of the camera all the way up.

If the Earth was actually a globe, no matter how large, the surface of the globe would curve downwards in all directions away from the observer causing them to necessarily tilt their heads down more and more the further they ascended to be able to see the horizon. In reality, which is only consistent with rising over a flat plane, the horizon rises along with the observer and remains precisely at eye-level for the entire ascent!

This trick is apparent both in Branson’s trip this week as well as Baumgartner’s Red Bull dive from several years ago. The fish-eye lens cameras show a constantly warping horizon which was already curving the picture at ground level the very same amount of so-called “Earth curve” that it showed at 128,000 feet just before diving. The trick is given away however when they switch to the regular non-fish eye lens camera inside the craft which shows a perfectly flat horizon still perfectly at eye-level while hovering over 20 miles above a supposed globe. Do you see something wrong with this picture? If you do, then welcome to the truth of your hoaxed reality. If you don’t, then enjoy watching these terrible slack-jawed actors with their mouths gaping wide open at how ridiculously gullible you sheeple are.

Here’s what others had to say:
Funny how nobody questions the terrible camera work on these ‘space’ flights…crap quality, terrible camera work…you’d think obtaining spectacular footage from the cockpit, from the exterior or whatever would be a top priority..definitely suspiciously poor effort when it comes to video evidence of their ‘achievement’.

I detect and respect the “sick of you idiots” tone in your voice Eric ✅

Alpha Beta
Space movies are called science fiction for a reason.

my perspective
thanks, Eric. if mr Branson was actually in space…why are they so excited about floating around when you can see the moon and milky way in all its glory just outside your window. Like going into a jewelry store and film the free coffee giveaway they offer when everything = all the priceless gems in the store are yours for free. instead, they film people floating around. WHY?

What to expect when most people are voluntarily taking the jab and obeying to tyranny? To even call them sheep is truly an insult to that sweet animal….

Angela baby Carson
I’ve been in a balloon as a child and I remember it being flat it was a clear day flat for miles and miles 💛 I’m 45 now but I remember that day well.

“Do you see something wrong with this picture?”if this doesn’t red pill a normie, then nothing will.

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